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Improved Access To Patient Information From Multiple Imaging Providers and Industry Leading Technology.

The medical community has recognized the value and benefits of viewing x-ray images in an electronic format. As different medical imaging providers have installed image viewing systems of different makes and models the continuity of care for patients with medical imaging studies from different providers in different locations has developed into a fragmented system that contributes to complexities and delays in patient care. Receiving CD’s of patient imaging studies has become common, however, it is often difficult to use these CDs and it requires that providers learn how to use a variety of different viewing programs. It also becomes unmanageable to keep track of the multitude of web-based sites and their associated usernames and passwords to access information on your patients.

The goal of OCI is to improve provider access to patient information through collaboration among multiple medical imaging providers who have agreed to use a common, shared system rather than fractioned, independent systems. Through this collaboration, we can build one shared system that is easier for providers to access with the goal of building a complete radiographic history for patients of this community within one system for the purpose of improved patient care.


The Oregon Community Imaging Goal is to:

  • Facilitate a community based x-ray viewing system that provides for a comprehensive radiographic history on patients with both reports and study images available from any computer that can access the internet.
  • Provide help desk support to any users accessing the system.
  • Provide providers with a single point of access with a single username and password to access patient x-rays and reports.
  • Expedite patient care and reduce report turnaround time by having a patient’s complete history of x-rays in the system, eliminating the need for providers to request x-rays and the time associated with delivery between facilities.
  • Leverage the exam volumes of multiple imaging providers to reduce the per study costs that any organization could achieve independently and reduce overall costs within the system of healthcare.

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